Seo Bin.

"You really mean it? If I become a star, I'd get my meals, my own room, and I even get to sing?!"

Name: Bin, Seo [KO]

VA: Jang, Kim [KO]

Age: 23

Birthday: December 26th (Capricorn)

Height: 6' 1" (185cm)

Weight: 143.3 lbs (65kg)

Blood Type: O

Special Feature: A handsome, singing homeless man. He gets along with the manager well, because he likes free things and food. He's like a father to his siblings, but he's often childish with the manager, so it makes you feel like he's actually young. He might seem to be a little bit dull, though he speaks deep things at times.

Strength: Singing and composing, playing guitar

Weakness: Using chopsticks, being patient at starving

Family: Siblings

People he likes: Siblings

People he hates: Selfish people who only care about themselves.

Personality: Always tender, he cares and worries about other people. Although he may seem caring and gentle, he never loses at talking back when it comes to returning or refusing something he doesn't want.

Backstory: As a young man whose parents passed away early, Bin had to take care of his siblings. Since he is kind and innocent though, he doesn't know a thing about the world so he's often deceived and makes clumsy mistakes. People began to donate money to him in the park for singing so well. One day he meets a girl and signs up for her company. He says that he won't have the talent to become a star, and that he just wants to be somewhere where he and his siblings can avoid the cold weather and eat with peace. He also wants to pay back the girl who provided all the goods for him. Your love story begins with this gentle, homeless man who's clumsy but beautiful.