Star Project is a Star Management Game developed by WeMade Online and Atoonz as the 2nd part of three part Pure Roman Trilogy with Jewel Girl Ellejou (Destiny Stone) as the 1st of the Trilogy. vvvic (Korean) and Galaxy-Games (English) have the publishing rights to this game.

The game is a mix of Visual Novel and Mini-games and it played mainly by female players.

Star Project began beta testing on the 24 May 2010 with the first batch of testers. The second batch of testers was announced on 8 June 2010.

Star Project was officially opened on the 9 September 2010 with only Yoon available.

These are the stars currently available:

Yoon - 24 May 2010

Won Young - 1 October 2010

Leon - 6 January 2011

Ga-Eul - Fall of 2011

Mi-Yoo - 28 October 2011

Ian - 9 January 2012

Bin - 18 October 2012

The current version of the game is ver 1.1.4.r1828.

Japanese Version

The Japanese version of Star Project was opened on 12 May 2011, and in order to accommodate to the Japanese, the locations and names of the characters had to be change. Well-known voice actors where employed to voice the stars in the game. The game had release up to 4 stars(Touya,Ren,Torian and Souta) until it's closure on 9 April 2012.

English Version

The English Version started close beta testing on 16 October 2011 and the open beta on 20 Dec 2011. On 7 April 2012, an announcement was made that the official opening of the game was to be on the release date of the second star Ren. However the 2nd Star release was delayed with the announcement on 31 May 2012 and 13 June 2012. It was on 2 August 2012 that the game officially opened.

The game was based off the Japanese version of the game, using the names, locations and voices that was from there. The translation of the game was also based on the Japanese version as well. However a part of the game have Korean voices playing especially in a scenario of Ren's which suggest that the English Version is picking up the translations from the Original/Korean Version.

These are the stars currently available:

Touya - 16 October 2011

Ren - 2 August 2012

Promotion Video for Korean/English Version

스타프로젝트 PV -Twinkle Star --0

스타프로젝트 PV -Twinkle Star --0

Promotion Video for the Japanese Version

【Star Project】寺島・羽多野バージョンPV

【Star Project】寺島・羽多野バージョンPV