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Japanese/English Version:


You will be playing in Toyko and there are 5 district in Toyko you can go to; ''The five districts are Akihabara, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Odaiba and Ikebukuro.


Akihabara Sign.jpg

If you need to change your computer or buy electronics, go to Akihabara!

DJKen-Chibi.png Dance Academy (Lesson) DJ Ken

Yuki-Chibi.png Bookstore (Job) Hasegawa Yuki

Ryuzi-Chibi.png Zoom Studio (Appearance) Sakamoto Ryuzi

Touya-Chibi.png Cafe (Date)

Touya-Chibi.png Ballroom (Special)

Shinjuku Sign.jpg

Shinjuku is famous for its business area and its entertainment places.

Yano-Chibi.png Speech Academy (Lesson) Yano Kazuteru

Sakamoto-Chibi.png Bakery (Job) Sakamoto Ryunousuke

Karen-Chibi.png Gift Shop (Special) Karen & Suiren

Naoyuki-Chibi.png Paradise Films (Appearance) Okamura Naoyuki

Touya-Chibi.pngMovie Theater (Date)


Shibuya is the busiest Tokyo’s discrict and the favorite place of young people and night owls.

Madamuo-Chibi.png Act Academy (Lesson) Madamuo

Kurisu-Chibi.pngClothing Store (Job) Kurisu

Liko-Chibi.pngProduction WIN (Appearance) Kobayashi Liko

Seichiro-Chibi.pngThe Story (Appearance) Huziwara Seichiro

Touya-Chibi.pngAmusement Park (Date)



Odaiba is a big artificial island.

Riku-Chibi.pngPet Store (Job) Kobayashi Riku

Milika-Chibi.pngHouse of Fortune (Special) Milika

Tetsuo-Chibi.pngWing Ads (Appearance) Ono Tetsuo

Touya-Chibi.pngMountain (Date)

Touya-Chibi.pngSwimming Pool (Date)


The biggest library in Japan is in Ikekuburo, you can also find in the area universities and shows.

Yuri Chibi.pngVocal Academy (Lesson) Hasegawa Yuri

Ryoka-Chibi.pngRestaurant (Job) Otori Ryoka

Kato-Chibi.pngChannel 8 (Appearance) Kato Eita

Touya-Chibi.pngRestaurant (Date)

Touya-Chibi.pngGreen Park (Date)


This is the place where you and all your Stars live at. From there, you can choose to switch Stars to manage from. You can also manage your appointments, replay events/scenarios or even view CGs as well.

Real Time Linking

Rain during the day

The time of the day and the weather conditions influence events.

Snow during the day



Rain at night

Snow at night

Korean Version:

You will be playing in Seoul and there are 5 district in Seoul you can go to. They are Kang Nam, Myeong Dong, Shin Chon, Kwan Ak and Young Deung Po.

Kang Nam

Kang Nam

One of the best modern-cities in Seoul, there's a forest of business buildings.

Acting and Memorization [Lesson] Soo-Hyun, Han

Clothing Store [Job] Chris

WIN Production [Casting] Yoo Jin, Lee

The Story [Casting] Eun-Heon, Yoon

Amusement Park [Dating]

Myeong Dong

Myeong Dong

Theaters and restaurants, gift shops and old buildings blend in together with tradition and present days. You can always find lovers and tourists in here.

Speaking Skills and Sensitivity [Lesson] Kyeong-Wook, Chae

Bakery [Job] Seung-Ho, Choi

Gift Shop [Special] Soo-Ryeon and Hwa-Ryeon

Heaven Films [Casting] HS

Theater [Dating]

Shin Chon

Shin Chon

With beautiful cafe hiding in some places and little shops, there are diverse of artists and people enjoying youth of today in this street of Shin Chon.

Dancing [Lesson] Kin

Book store [Job] Se-Hyun, Park

Pi-Pi [Casting] In-Ho, Choi

Cafe [Dating]

Competition [Special]

Kwan Ak

Kwan Ak

A place where you can take a rest from complicated city of Seoul. There are mother nature, houses, colleges and more which is just a resting place for life and education.

Pet Shop [Job] Jeung-Woo, Lee

Occult [Special] Serrah

Wings AD [Casting] Hyeok-Jun, Kwon

Mountains [Dating]

Swimming Pool [Dating]

Young Deung Po

Young Deung Po

So-called to be 'the Pearl of Seoul,' this place is famous for stations of casting and parks. Young Deung Po is also loved by lots of young lovers for their dating course.

Vocal [Lesson] Maria Park

Restaurant [Job] Jee-Yeon, Min

KMS Station [Casting] Deok-Soo, Oh

Restaurant [Dating]

Park [Dating]